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9/11 Memorial Blog

Gilbert, Arizona Remembers 9-11

Gilbert, Arizona remembers the fallen in this year’s 9-11 Memorial Ceremony. Gilbert Fire & Rescue Chief Jim Jobusch and Mayor John Lewis spoke at this event.


Gilbert Dog Days: Monsoon Tips

photoEvery summer, the Valley of the Sun gives way to quick and heavy monsoons. In addition to uprooting trees and creating a headache of a commute, the storms can also impact your pets. Lighting and thunder, in particular, are known to frighten animals which can foster escape or destructive behavior. To help your pets, the Arizona Humane Society has the following recommendations.

1. Create a Safe Place
Animals will seek out a location that will isolate the sound. The Humane Society recommends allowing access to a spot where the pet know it can find refuge. Fans and radios are recommended for these locations so that the sound can be blocked out.

2. Distract Your Dog
When we have a hard time sleeping or focusing, it is usually because we have something on our minds. The same goes for our pets. It is recommended to get your pets attention through activities they enjoy (i.e. belly rubs or chasing a ball in a confined space.).

3. Keep Identification on Your Pet
Unfortunately, some pets will bolt at unknown and scary sounds. Keeping well fitted collars with up to date identification tags or microchip information will be important to make sure your four-legged friend makes it home safely.

Remember, storms can come on quickly. Stay safe out there.


Gilbert Digital went behind-the-scenes to learn about the Geographic Information System (GIS) software the town uses for mapping. GIS is used in every department of the town from planning and zoning, public works maintenance, and public safety to efficiently dispatch police and fire. GIS Administrator Jon Powell says that GIS, “…is not just a map,” like many people would think. It performs spatial and data analysis that can be used to save the town time and money.
For more information about Gilbert’s GIS data, check out their website.

On the Job: Parks and Recreation Event Planning


Gilbert Digital goes behind-the-scenes and finds out what goes into planning major events produced by the Gilbert Parks and Recreation department.
For more information about parks and recreation, you can check out their website.

SPARK App League 2014 Winners


Centennial High School was the big winner this year at the Schools Participate in App Resource and Knowledge (SPARK) App league awards. The all-girls team won Best Overall App in the contest that challenged students across the state to build a mobile application for Gilbert Fire and Rescue. Other awards for Best Design and Usability and Best Code Implementation went to Mesquite High School and Desert Vista High School, respectively. This is the second year the town has put on the SPARK App challenge with the goal to give Arizona high school students the opportunity to build an app and develop their skills in the science, technology, engineering and math fields.

For more information on the SPARK app league, visit http://sparkappleague.com or follow @SPARKAppLeague on Twitter.

Water Program Saves Gilbert Residents Money


An unusually high water bill can be a mystery. Gilbert Digital went on the job with Gilbert Water Conservation Specialist, Jeff Lee to see how residents can make sure they are not wasting water or money.

Our homes use water at different rates, so it can take some investigating to discover what’s causing higher than normal water consumption. If you are having trouble finding the source of the problem, the Town of Gilbert Water Conservation Office has the Residential Water Audit Program to assist our residents. Call 480-503-6098 to set up an appointment with a Water Conservation Specialist, or request this service online.

If you are comfortable turning the water valves off, you can perform this audit yourself. By learning how to read the water meter, you can determine if there is a problem.

A brand new publication is available called the Smart Home Water Guide. It will walk you through these steps with illustrations and photos of the common water fixtures that will make identifying them much easier.

The EPA estimates that the average household loses more than 10,000 gallons of water per year. By finding problems and fixing them, we can all do our part to assure a safe and sustainable water supply.


Talk of the Trade: Wisdom Natural Brands

Wisdom Natural Brands is known for its’ stevia SweetLeaf Sweetener. President Carol May shares the science behind the naturally sweet stevia plant and how her husband, Jim May brought it to the United States from Paraguay more than 25 years ago. The goal of Wisdom Natural Brands has always been the same, to create the best tasting products in the world. The company moved their headquarters to Gilbert in 2005 and has been expanding ever since. May discusses why choosing Gilbert as her corporate headquarters was a great decision and what’s next for Wisdom Natural Brand products.