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4 Classes to Kick-start Your Fall Yard Work

If you’re ready to get back outside and do some landscape renovation, we have four classes that can help you have a beautiful, thriving yard… all while using water efficiently.

  • On October 16th, we start things off by exploring the plants that do well in our soil and climate (otherwise known as: beautiful and low maintenance). Why fight with a plant that doesn’t want to be planted here when there are numerous desert-adapted options to choose from?
  • Then, on October 23rd we will tackle drip irrigation design and installation from the backflow prevention device (yeah, you should have one) to the very last drip emitter. Alleviate any confusion with the various parts of a drip irrigation system by attending this class. Demonstrations of real-life irrigation parts will be on hand!
  • Next, on October 30th you will learn how to set your irrigation controller. You will also learn how to adjust your watering with the seasons and to irrigate according to the needs of your specific landscape. We will have irrigation controllers in the classroom so you can learn hands-on by programming it yourself!
  • Finally, to round out the fall residential workshop series, we’ll tackle how to maintain your irrigation system. You will find that with regular maintenance your system lasts longer and saves you money over time. Regular inspections can also help you identify leaks before they run for too long and you see it on your utility bill.

Interested? Register online at gilbertaz.gov/waterworkshops or call (480) 503-6098 and select option 5. You can attend all four classes or pick and choose what you need.

For all of the learning opportunities mentioned above, join us at the Southeast Regional Library, 775 N. Greenfield Road, Gilbert, AZ 85234, from 6:30- 9:00 PM. All four workshops will be in the Assembly Room, which is the furthest east room in the library’s lobby. Email us if you have any questions!


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