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Top 10 Things to Include in Your 72 Hour Emergency Kit

September is National Preparedness Month and we are encouraging residents to take action now to prepare. Do you have a 72 hour emergency kit? If not, it’s time to start packing! Here are the top 10 things to include in your emergency kit:

  1. Food – non-perishable including MRE’s, granola or energy bars, and/or dried fruit (3 day supply)
  2. Water – 1 gallon per person per day (3 day supply)
  3. AM/FM Radio (battery-operated or hand crank)
  4. First aid kit
  5. Personal hygiene supplies
  6. Personal documents including medication lists, proof of address, birth certificates, passports, and insurance policies.
  7. Cash
  8. Cell phone with charger (bonus to have crank or solar charging capabilities)
  9. Medications
  10. Multipurpose tool

To learn more, visit FEMA’s website at http://www.ready.gov/build-a-kit.


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