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Meet Gilbert’s Native American Management Intern

NAInternBrooke Wheeler:
I am working on my Masters of Public Administration degree (nonprofit concentration) and a Museum Studies Certificate at ASU. I received a BA in Anthropology with a minor in American Indian Studies at ASU. My interests primarily lay within museum and nonprofit administration, and in federal, state, and local public policy. I have always been committed to working with American Indian communities through either the public or nonprofit sector. When I graduate next fall, I hope to work for National Museum of the American Indian, building collaborative relationships between the Smithsonian and tribal governments and communities, thereby encouraging my people to explore various means of expression through cultural building activities and community collaborative exhibits and events. I believe the aforementioned factors directly contribute to sustainable growth; increase livelihood and cultural pride; and empower people to strengthen their inner capacity, which fosters social and economic progress. As an intern for the town of gilbert, I am looking forward to building the necessary leadership, interpersonal, and public communication skills necessary to work with tribal governments, as well as understanding the dynamics of government relationships between local municipalities, state, federal, and tribal governments.

Prior to working for the Town of Gilbert, I finished a summer internship at the National Museum of the American Indian within the development office as the Native American Initiatives Intern. I have also worked for the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Washington DC, National Archives and Records Administration in DC and Seattle, Pueblo Grande Museum, and the Salt River Elementary School. Before returning to ASU to pursue my undergraduate degree, I worked in film and theater as a costume designer.

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