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5 Social Media Tips to Remember During Emergencies


pdlineSnap and tweet.  We all want to be in the know and share what is happening on social media.  Information can be immensely helpful for a number of situations, but when an emergency takes place, Gilbert’s Police and Fire need your help.

Gilbert uses social media, especially Twitter, to post the most up-to-date information during emergencies.

We appreciate your tips and ask that if you see an emergency situation, please call 911.  Dispatchers do not get information through social media.  Calling 911 is necessary to dispatch emergency services.

Here are 5 more social media tips to remember during emergencies:

1. Do let family and friends know you are safe. If possible send out text messages instead of calling each person so cell phone services don’t crash.

2. Do warn others through social media or text messages if you have first-hand knowledge of a developing emergency.

3. Do not tweet or post information about the movements of law enforcement officers during an emergency. A criminal who is wanted by police may be familiar with the area.

4. Do not put yourself in a photo (take a selfie) and endanger yourself, no matter how compelling.

5. Do not spread rumors through posts, tweets or retweets

Thank you for your willingness to help Gilbert Police and Fire.  Don’t forget to like, tweet, or snap Gilbert.



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