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Gilbert Dog Days: Monsoon Tips

photoEvery summer, the Valley of the Sun gives way to quick and heavy monsoons. In addition to uprooting trees and creating a headache of a commute, the storms can also impact your pets. Lighting and thunder, in particular, are known to frighten animals which can foster escape or destructive behavior. To help your pets, the Arizona Humane Society has the following recommendations.

1. Create a Safe Place
Animals will seek out a location that will isolate the sound. The Humane Society recommends allowing access to a spot where the pet know it can find refuge. Fans and radios are recommended for these locations so that the sound can be blocked out.

2. Distract Your Dog
When we have a hard time sleeping or focusing, it is usually because we have something on our minds. The same goes for our pets. It is recommended to get your pets attention through activities they enjoy (i.e. belly rubs or chasing a ball in a confined space.).

3. Keep Identification on Your Pet
Unfortunately, some pets will bolt at unknown and scary sounds. Keeping well fitted collars with up to date identification tags or microchip information will be important to make sure your four-legged friend makes it home safely.

Remember, storms can come on quickly. Stay safe out there.


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