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Maintain a Healthy HOA Landscape While Saving Water

Here at the Town of Gilbert, we are committed to water conservation. We are also committed to having great outdoor spaces in which to play. To ensure achievement of both, we offer assistance to Homeowner Associations to help increase the irrigation efficiency of the “common area” landscapes.

The Landscape Irrigation Assistance program helps an HOA understand how much water should be applied on the landscape, compared to how much water is actually applied. Basically, a Water Conservation Specialist creates a customized “water budget” for your specific HOA. By measuring out the square footage of turf and desert landscaped areas, we then assess how much water your landscape needs month-by-month. We set up an initial meeting with an HOA board representative, the property management company, and the landscape contractor to assess the landscape and the goals the HOA might have.

Then on a monthly basis, the water budget analysis (comparing the amount of water that should be used versus the actual use) is sent via e-mail to the HOA board members, the property management company contact, and the landscape contractor. This tool allows all parties involved to communicate more effectively and share a common goal. Sometimes, half the battle is just knowing how much water a landscape needs.

To date, the program has helped HOAs in Gilbert save 66 million gallons of water. As part of our analysis, we quantify both the gallons used and price for that water. Significant savings may result from fine-tuning the irrigation schedule to match the landscape plants’ actual water needs. We can help guide your HOA through the process.

Know an HOA that may be interested? Contact Jeff Lee to talk about getting enrolled in this free program provided by the Town of Gilbert.

6-2014 blog photo 2013

A sample water budget graph shows when water usage exceeds the recommended amount of water for that particular landscape.


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