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Water Program Saves Gilbert Residents Money


An unusually high water bill can be a mystery. Gilbert Digital went on the job with Gilbert Water Conservation Specialist, Jeff Lee to see how residents can make sure they are not wasting water or money.

Our homes use water at different rates, so it can take some investigating to discover what’s causing higher than normal water consumption. If you are having trouble finding the source of the problem, the Town of Gilbert Water Conservation Office has the Residential Water Audit Program to assist our residents. Call 480-503-6098 to set up an appointment with a Water Conservation Specialist, or request this service online.

If you are comfortable turning the water valves off, you can perform this audit yourself. By learning how to read the water meter, you can determine if there is a problem.

A brand new publication is available called the Smart Home Water Guide. It will walk you through these steps with illustrations and photos of the common water fixtures that will make identifying them much easier.

The EPA estimates that the average household loses more than 10,000 gallons of water per year. By finding problems and fixing them, we can all do our part to assure a safe and sustainable water supply.


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