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Conservation Education: Where’s our Water

“Where’s our Water” is a 4th grade educational program run by the Town of Gilbert Water Conservation division. This program aligns with the Grade 4 Science Standard, Strands 2, 3, 4, and 6 for science education in Arizona. The 50 minute presentation integrates a lesson on the water cycle with a student-run scientific experiment to calculate water wasted from a leaking faucet.  As a group, the class calculates the amount of water wasted from the simulated leaking faucet experiment.  Students walk away wide-eyed when they see just how much water can be wasted from one leaking faucet!

To emphasize the importance of water in our lives, the Town of Gilbert offers this free education program for 4th grade classes in public, private, and charter schools within the Town (and sometimes outside of the Town, for instance in the Gilbert Public Schools).   We ask students what behavioral changes they could make to save water and they often suggest taking shorter showers, turning off the water while brushing their teeth, and watching the use of the garden hose outdoors.  They always have great ideas on how to conserve this precious resource. Also, because this activity incorporates math and science, students walk away with a better understanding of how these subjects apply to real life.

To schedule your 4th grade program, contact Haley Paul at haley.paul@gilbertaz.gov.



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