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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Hero of the Month

RRRDecSherryIowa native Sherry Spitz grew up on a working farm.  Hard work, stretching a dollar and appreciating the beauty in items handed down for generations were all elements of her upbringing that Sherry brought with her when she migrated to Gilbert more than 20 years ago.   Sherry’s previous retail experience led to her success in selling antiques in several Valley antique stores before she and her husband finally opened their own eclectic shop in downtown Gilbert, Flashback Antiques.

Sherry’s passion is in finding new ways to use old items. Items that might easily have been discarded as “trash” have found a new, aesthetically pleasing and purposeful life under Sherry’s discerning and artful eye.  Sherry’s store is often a prop resource for the Hale Theater and a mecca for Pinterest enthusiasts who appreciate Sherry’s knack to see beyond the original use for an item.  Customers frequent her shop for unusual pieces that they can repurpose, and often post their achievements to the store’s Facebook page.

RRRdec1Sherry’s long-standing Gilbert community roots have afforded her excellent networking resources.  Contractors bring Sherry items they would have otherwise landfilled, and if Sherry cannot turn their trash into a treasure, or she has more than she needs of any one item, she and her husband make sure that some other charitable organization receives any merchandise that is usable. Sherry doesn’t purchase bags to give her customers when they purchase items. Instead, she reuses sturdy, “pretty” bags that she has received from other merchants.

Sherry’s contribution to reducing the need to purchase new items and reusing what is already there in new and creative ways makes her Gilbert’s Reduce Reuse and Recycle Hero for December.  If you know someone who you feel should be recognized as an Reduce Reuse and Recycle Hero, please e-mail us at recycle@gilbertaz.gov or give us a call directly at 480-503-6459.



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