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On the Job: Recycling

This month’s On the Job video highlights Gilbert Recycling.  Not only do the recycling employees provide a valuable environmental service and educate residents about the merits of recycling, they also put their creativity to the test to show the public how items can be repurposed into something new.

Gilbert Recycling is also working with local schools to provide Eco-kits to teachers who would like to promote recycling in the classroom.  The online kits are free and provide lessons plans and activities for students.  To request an Eco-kit, click here:  http://www.gilbertaz.gov/pw/forms-recycle/eco-kit-frm.html

Gilbert Recycling will attend EarthFest Educators Night on October 29th from 4-7pm at the Phoenix Zoo to showcase Eco-kits and the benefits of teaching students to reduce, reuse and recycle.  For more information about EarthFest, click here: http://www.valleyforward.org/events/50/


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