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A Letter of Appreciation to Gilbert Fire and Rescue

We love to hear feedback from our citizens when they receive  best in class service!  The following email was sent from a Gilbert resident to Fire & Rescue staff after her children participated in their annual Kohl’s Back to School shopping day event:

IMG_4419I wanted to thank you for allowing my two oldest sons to be a part of the Gilbert Fire Department’s Eighth Annual Back to School Shopping Event at Kohl’s. It was an amazing experience!!!

My boys couldn’t get those Gilbert Fire Department t-shirts on fast enough. They were so anxious and amped up to go shopping with “a REAL fire-fighter!” And I could not have been more tickled by the attention your fire-fighters paid to my boys. Harley, age 7, went with Joe Sperke and Berkeley, age 5, went with Jason Dunford. I expected civility and tempered placation. I did not expect these grown men to find so much joy in spending time with little kids. But both Joe and Jason seemed sincerely happy to be helping and serving even these littlest members of our community. Instead of feeling like we were receiving charity, I felt like we were receiving an honor.

IMG_4429It truly was an honor for my boys to walk in the shadow of these local heroes. Both Joe and Jason found fantastic outfits and shoes for Harley and Berkeley. They even helped me take everything out to my car afterward.

I was amazed with all the things that had been given to my boys. But when Harley opened the back pack he had picked out, I saw that it was full of school supplies. My heart no longer had room for all the gratitude I felt. Tears started welling up and I felt immeasurably loved. Harley said, “Oh Mom don’t cry. This is a great back pack!” I had to explain that these were “Mommy’s happy tears” and that we had been truly blessed. I had my boys kneel with me and we said a prayer thanking God for the Gilbert Fire Department and the fact that we are blessed to live in such an amazing community.

May God bless and protect those who work with and serve on the Gilbert Fire Department. And may our nation and our community always show as much devotion and support to your efforts as those two fire-fighters showed to my sons!

Thank you for making everyday moments into miracles,


P.S. Please let Chief Jobush know that I think he is doing a pretty great job already! 🙂


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