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Gilbert Fire: Defying Disabilities

Logan Carson is a typical eight-year-old boy in many ways. He loves math, soccer and is curious by nature. But what sets him apart from other kids are the extremely difficult health challenges he’s faced over the last year. A strep bacteria that could have ended his life, claimed one of his eyes, several fingers and a portion of his right leg. Logan now has a prosthetic limb and is learning how to navigate life with his new leg.

Gilbert Fire & Rescue Capt. Rob Duggan invited Logan and his family to Station #7 for a tour, but more importantly, to meet Mace Mattingly. This EMT Firefighter has a different story, but similar outcome. He too has a prosthetic leg.

Duggan said Mattingly’s injury and decision to amputate changed firefighter standards across the nation.“Before Mace, if you opened up the rule book, it said, ‘A below the knee amputation will prohibit a firefighter from doing their job.’ Well, that was written some years ago. And directly as a result of Mace and the work from the Gilbert Fire Department, our fire chief and the Fire Chiefs Association across the country, that standard was changed,” said Duggan.

At this special meeting, Logan experienced the job of a firefighter, learned that he too can dream big and Mattingly learned something as well.

“I learned that no matter how devastating an injury or an illness can be, and the effects of it; human beings and Logan himself, is very resilient and I think he’s going to do really well,” said Mattingly.


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