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On the Job: Wastewater Cameras Underground

Each month a different Public Works department in the Town of Gilbert will be highlighted in a behind-the-scene look focused on educating the community.  For June, we’re going underground with the Department of Wastewater Collections to see what technology is doing under the streets of Gilbert.

The Town of Gilbert utilizes two Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras for pipeline inspections in the Department of Wastewater Collections. The video obtained from this technology clearly identifies any damage to the sewer system. This includes cracked or broken pipes, connectors, offset joints and blockages.

“Basically, it’s our eyes down in the man hole, because as you can see we physically cannot get down in there. So this camera provides us eyes down there so we can see exactly the condition, so we can assess that pipe,” says Utility Supervisor Richard Walker.

The town currently has 880 miles of sewer line and inspects 15% of the system annually. With two CCTV cameras on the job, wastewater crewmembers are able to inspect the whole system every six years. The Public Works Department has used this technology for the past 12 years and is pleased with the results.


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