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Observations from a Resident

We love hearing from our residents! Check out this letter that Town Management recently received:

In my humble opinion, the real measure of customer service and productivity is how town employees work when the “boss” isn’t watching. From the point-of-view of this resident, we have an excellent staff of town employees here in Gilbert.

Three times a week I make a 15-mile circle on my bicycle which provides an great opportunity to use the town’s bike paths, travel through neighborhoods, and see little things that might not be otherwise noticed.  

For example, today I saw police cars patrolling on both Warner and Ray roads as well as one in a neighborhood along my route. There are major re paving and street improvement projects occurring where I see Gilbert Police Officers helping with traffic control and, in every case, the officer is out of his car and in the street with the workers (unlike what I notice in other cities and state projects where the their officers sit in an air conditioned vehicles and read magazines).  

On today’s ride alone, I saw a Gilbert ordinance enforcement officer stop his truck at Gilbert Road and Ray to pick up illegal signs; a fire/paramedic team responding to the hospice on Ray road, town staff members maintaining Cosmo Park, and a town street sweeper in action.  

On previous bike rides I have seen town employees replacing burned out street lamps on Ray, fixing traffic signals on Gilbert, painting over graffiti, trimming vegetation, and maintaining the bike path between Higley and Power Roads. I saw that cracked sidewalk sections have been replaced along Gilbert in the Civic Center area, that the town laid a section connecting the sidewalk at Cosmo Park to the sidewalk at Agritopia. I notice that my trash pickup always occurs as scheduled even when other government services are closed for holidays, I see the town’s portable speed limit trailer in my neighborhood (Higley Park) and other neighborhoods along my bike route, and have been impressed with how quickly re paved main streets are re striped so as to minimize inconvenience for motorists.

What I don’t see in Gilbert, particularly on road activities and park maintenance, is one person working and three “supervising”. I don’t see three police cars at every traffic stop or multiple police cars at the same time at a restaurant, or fire equipment being used for personal errands, or marked city vehicles violating traffic laws.   

None of these things in an of themselves may seem like anything out of the ordinary to our fine staff of town employees, but taken together, I believe they demonstrate a culture of service, a commitment, and work ethic which reflects well on our town leadership in general, and town employees specifically.  

I just wanted to share these observations from the point of view of a resident and would appreciate it if you would pass along my compliments to your town employees.  

Steve G.
Gilbert Resident     



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