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New Software Application Improves Gilbert Fire Service


A new tablet application for the Gilbert Fire Department will soon help save lives thanks to the Arizona Quality Alliance and Intel Mentoring and Planning Services (MAPS) program.

For the past year through the MAPS program, an Intel volunteer partnered with the Town of Gilbert to improve the way the fire department collects and processes patient care information.

“The initial concept was to take our patient encounter form and turn it into a PDF on steroids,” said Gilbert Fire Department Division Chief Wes Kemp.  At an Intel event in March, he explained how he got much more.

The MAPS program partnered Intel volunteer Patrick Grogg with Gilbert IT employees and the Gilbert Fire Department to create a mobile electronic system that enables firefighters to enter patient care information and details in the field while they deliver service.  The program, called FIREDOX, also tracks those who are treating the patient.

Instead of writing all of the information by hand, they can wirelessly print off a legible transfer sheet to hand off to the ambulance crew or hospital.  Storing the data electronically also allows the fire department to use the data to make business decisions, and improves the efficiency training programs.  This electronic process also reduces paper and staff time needed to manage records.

“Community livability is one of our strategic initiatives in addition to technology leader,” said Gilbert IT director Mark Kramer, “We just gave someone’s medical history that goes en-route with them to the hospital and all of the medical care providers downstream.  In the case of taking care of our 220 thousand residents, what a huge impact.”

Grogg, whose knowledge and expertise was essential in creating the program, actually lives in Gilbert just a short drive from the fire department’s administration building.

“To me it was just so tangible that the community had a need and I had a skill that I could give,” he said, “I think knowing every fire truck I see now on the road I thought I could be able to tell my grandkids someday about the impact we had.”

According to Kemp, although there are similar applications in use, the Gilbert Fire Department is the first in Arizona to create an application specific to the department’s business needs. He says they plan to continue to build on this technology to further improve service and mobilization.

“What I feel great about,” said Kemp, “is this is a great demonstration of what Gilbert’s doing to become best in class.”


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