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Gilbert’s One-Stop-Shop


The Town of Gilbert is enhancing the quality of services, by providing a new customer service center that will better assist residents and business owners.  The Development Services Department has teamed with Utility Billing to form the Customer Service Center One-Stop-Shop, now located within Municipal Building II.

Interim Director of Development Services Kyle Mieras said, “We’ll be able to provide an array of services from paying a utility bill, to turning on a utility account, to getting a sign permit, to getting information on zoning or building permit questions, all in one easy convenient place”.

While many think of Gilbert as a small town, the population of Gilbert is more than 220,000. Linda Edwards, Interim Planning Manager said, “We strive to be innovative and provide services that we know our customers need. And we have employees that know Gilbert well and can provide very quick turnarounds.”

The One-Stop-Shop Customer Service Center will include a number of plan review options for those in need of a building permit. The service you choose will depend on the size of the project and the timeline. To further improve services, the town has implemented three new permitting options:

  • Small projects can be reviewed and approved with an “Over-the-Counter” option.  This includes, sign permits, fences and other minor tenant improvements.
  • “Express Permitting” is available for slightly larger, more complex projects. This would include building additions and plan changes.
  • For large projects, the “Permit-By-Appointment” option will provide a team review and discussion. These appointments would include one story commercial buildings and custom homes.

Mieras said businesses will love these new services because they will be able to get their permits and approvals quickly. He also added, that this is another step in Gilbert’s vision to become ‘Best in Class’ in all lines of service.

The One-Stop-Shop Customer Service Center is located at 90 E. Civic Center Drive and is open Monday through Thursday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Details about the services offered are also found on the Town’s web site – www.gilbertaz.gov.


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