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AZ High School State Leadership Convention 2013 Gilbert, AZ


Each year Arizona high schools send their student councils to the annual State Leadership Convention …and this year it was held right here in Gilbert, Arizona. Senior class president Bryan Eberson said the atmosphere was one of the best parts of the weekend. “It’s a place like none other. 3 days of student council members being in their own world. And we get to meet tons of new people and everyone is not afraid to be themselves, no one is shy. And just the commradre of everyone.” 

More than 16-hundred students packed Campo Verde High School for a weekend of leadership and life lessons. “I think it’s a life changing experience.  You come here. You get to listen to awesome speakers that have messages that will help you through life,” said student body president Dylan Smith.

Eberson said this event also benefits others in the community. “It’s a great thing for the town. We have hotels packed to the max. We have restaurants filled everyday for lunch and it’s a great thing for everyone to see.”

Maddie Mcbride from Lakeside, Arizona explains what she learned this weekend. “Leaders need to be able to think well on their feet, and to learn well from bad experiences and how to make them into positive ones.”

Gilbert’s Mayor John Lewis closed the weekend with some heartfelt remarks. “We need you. We desperately … in our communities need leaders. “Lewis left these future leaders with two words…”Lead on!”









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