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3rd Annual Town of Gilbert Legislative Breakfast

Mayor John Lewis welcomed state representatives at the 3rd Annual Town of Gilbert Legislative Breakfast on Wednesday, December 19, 2012. This yearly event brings representatives at the state level to Gilbert for a face-to-face meeting to promote collaboration on issues that affect the town.

“I think it’s important, critical really, to bounce ideas off each other and certainly in this case maintain the relationship between the city, town, municipality level with the state level,” said Representative J.D. Mesnard, from Arizona-District 17.

At the event, Gilbert Town Manager Patrick Banger updated those in attendance with highlights of the year. “Gilbert is ranked as one of the leanest, one of the most efficient and one of the most effective government organizations in the state of Arizona.”

The highlights include the economic strides Gilbert is making in the areas of hospitality growth, retail development and hospital expansions.

Rep. Mesnard also stressed the importance of communication. “When we’re down at the state capitol, downtown Phoenix, we’re in our own little world and unless we stay connected to the communities we represent and maintain those relationships with their leaders and hearing their input, we’re not going to be doing a very good job down there.”

What stood out to him at the breakfast, Rep. Mesnard said, was hearing about the recovery of the housing market and all of the economic development Gilbert is achieving. “When I hear that things are going well or improving in my district, that pleases me,” Mesnard said.

Town leadership understands the importance of keeping the lines of communication open between state and local leaders and will continue to build relationships and provide opportunities for collaboration.


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