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Town of Gilbert Partnership Helps Small Business Thrive


Another Gilbert small business is booming after some help from their local government.  Evo Swim School offers a unique program that allows young children to learn the strokes, and provides the opportunity to join a nationally-recognized swim team.  Evo Swim School owner David Tait is a former swim coach.

“I was looking for a way to expand the sport and get more kids involved in swimming,” he said.

Now, he helps young children learn to swim with the help of several other staff members, including three-time Olympic Gold Medal winner Melissa Ripley.

“The experiences I can share, the knowledge that I can draw from, very few people have,” said Ripley, “we’re a very unique program.”

That program did come with a few obstacles.  While the swim school has an indoor pool for lessons, it is not large enough to support any competitive swimming.  Evo Swim School needed to expand.

That’s when the Town of Gilbert took a tough situation and gave it a silver lining.  Gilbert Junior High School’s pool closed to the public for financial reasons, but a partnership between Parks and Recreation, the school, and Evo Swim School gave kids in Gilbert a bigger place to practice.

“It’s been a really great experience working with everybody over there at the town,” said Tait, “These kids now have a place to go in their own community.  They’re staying in Gilbert and they’re able to continue practicing and competing.”

Tait says they are looking to expand even more in the Town of Gilbert.

“We want to be in this community,” he said,  “and we want to support this community because they’ve supported us.”


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