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Dog Days of Summer: Spring

10469224_144000535768894_4321145992471092910_nI’m a 3-year-old English Labrador, originally from New York.  I went through Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosive training in Virginia, and then joined Gilbert Fire and Rescue about a year and a half ago.  I love working with my partner David Zehring, and helping firefighters find out how fires started!

Fun Fact:
Before explosive training, I spent my first 14 months being trained as a guide dog for the blind.

My Favorite Toys are…
My tennis ball or anything I can fetch.

My Favorite Food is…
Dog food.

My Favorite Past Time is…
Playing and spending time with my family.

If I could talk, I would say…
“I love my job and love assisting in solving arson crimes and ‘locking’ up the ‘bad’ person.”

Dog Days of Summer: Bono

dogblogbonoI’m a 3-year-old Dutch Shepard. I was born and raised in Holland, and went through the same police dog training program as my brother, Lenz. I joined the Gilbert Police Department’s K-9 Unit with him about a month ago. My partner is Officer Greg Thomas.

Fun Fact:
Most of us K-9 officers follow our commands in Dutch.

My Favorite Toys are…
A piece of PVC pipe I like to chew on.

My Favorite Food is…
Eukanuba dog food.

My Favorite Past Time is…
Rolling around in the yard.

If I could talk, I would say…
“Let me out of the car because I want to bite that guy in the bite suit again!”

Gilbert Dog Days: Monsoon Tips

photoEvery summer, the Valley of the Sun gives way to quick and heavy monsoons. In addition to uprooting trees and creating a headache of a commute, the storms can also impact your pets. Lighting and thunder, in particular, are known to frighten animals which can foster escape or destructive behavior. To help your pets, the Arizona Humane Society has the following recommendations.

1. Create a Safe Place
Animals will seek out a location that will isolate the sound. The Humane Society recommends allowing access to a spot where the pet know it can find refuge. Fans and radios are recommended for these locations so that the sound can be blocked out.

2. Distract Your Dog
When we have a hard time sleeping or focusing, it is usually because we have something on our minds. The same goes for our pets. It is recommended to get your pets attention through activities they enjoy (i.e. belly rubs or chasing a ball in a confined space.).

3. Keep Identification on Your Pet
Unfortunately, some pets will bolt at unknown and scary sounds. Keeping well fitted collars with up to date identification tags or microchip information will be important to make sure your four-legged friend makes it home safely.

Remember, storms can come on quickly. Stay safe out there.

Dog Days of Summer: Lenz


I’m a 3-year-old Dutch Shepard born and raised in Holland.  I went through an extensive training course there hoping to one day become a police dog. A month ago, I achieved this goal, moving all the way to Arizona to join the K-9 Unit with the Gilbert Police Department! My partner in the fight against crime is Officer Justin Betts.

Fun Fact:
I will be serving on the force with two of my brothers! It’s very rare for a single K-9 Unit to have siblings like we do.

My Favorite Toy is…
My tennis ball.

My Favorite Food is…
Hot dogs!

My Favorite Past Time is…
Chasing my tennis ball or my tail.

If I Could Talk, I Would Say…
“Good luck!” to the person I’m chasing.


Talk of the Trade: Breast Cancer Research

This Talk of the Trade video highlights the Breast Cancer research being conducted in Gilbert, Arizona at the Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center.

The Banger Bullies

To kick off the Dog Days of Summer, we’re getting to know The Banger Bullies. They’re two young, mischievous bulldogs belonging to Gilbert Town Manager Patrick Banger.


I’m an 8-month-old male English bulldog. Gilbert Town Manager Patrick Banger adopted me from a breeder outside of Kansas City.

Fun Fact:
Bulldogs are one of the sweetest breeds of dogs, and we’re great with kids.

My Favorite Toys are…
The sprinkler system and the garden hose.

My Favorite Food is…
Everything! I love beef, chicken, tomatoes, broccoli, dog food, dog treats, etc. I haven’t eaten anything I haven’t liked yet!

My Favorite Past Time is…
Family movie night on the sofa with my favorite stuffed animal to chew on, or going on adventures around the yard.

If I could talk, I would say…
I’m hungry and I can’t wait to move into my new house in Agritopia, so I can walk to Joe’s Real Farm Grill and get a “Bully Burger.” If they don’t carry them, I’ll suggest that they start.

I’m a 7-month-old female English bulldog, adopted from a breeder in Oklahoma.

Fun Fact:
I love meeting new people and getting attention from everyone.

My Favorite Toys are…
The sofa cushions on the back patio, stuffed animals and sticks.

My Favorite Food is…
Beef, chicken, my dog food and treats.

My Favorite Past Time is…
Chewing on things and going to the Gilbert Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings.

If I could talk, I would say…
I love my human sister Sydney and wish I could sleep in her bed.

Welcome to the Dog Days of Summer

It is heating up in Gilbert, Arizona, and we have officially entered the dog days of summer.  What better way to celebrate triple digits than an entire month where Gilbert’s favorite pooches take over?

Throughout July, Gilbert will highlight pet safety tips, introduce our favorite canine co-workers, and highlight pets who call our community home.  Join us by sharing how your pet is enjoying Gilbert, or maybe, your favorite pet friendly establishments or how your morning trip to Cosmos Dog Park went.  Whether it is on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, help us share, like, and tweet your favorite furry family member at #GilbertDogDays.

Summer doesn’t have to be ruff…


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