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Water Program Saves Gilbert Residents Money


An unusually high water bill can be a mystery. Gilbert Digital went on the job with Gilbert Water Conservation Specialist, Jeff Lee to see how residents can make sure they are not wasting water or money.

Our homes use water at different rates, so it can take some investigating to discover what’s causing higher than normal water consumption. If you are having trouble finding the source of the problem, the Town of Gilbert Water Conservation Office has the Residential Water Audit Program to assist our residents. Call 480-503-6098 to set up an appointment with a Water Conservation Specialist, or request this service online.

If you are comfortable turning the water valves off, you can perform this audit yourself. By learning how to read the water meter, you can determine if there is a problem.

A brand new publication is available called the Smart Home Water Guide. It will walk you through these steps with illustrations and photos of the common water fixtures that will make identifying them much easier.

The EPA estimates that the average household loses more than 10,000 gallons of water per year. By finding problems and fixing them, we can all do our part to assure a safe and sustainable water supply.


Talk of the Trade: Wisdom Natural Brands

Wisdom Natural Brands is known for its’ stevia SweetLeaf Sweetener. President Carol May shares the science behind the naturally sweet stevia plant and how her husband, Jim May brought it to the United States from Paraguay more than 25 years ago. The goal of Wisdom Natural Brands has always been the same, to create the best tasting products in the world. The company moved their headquarters to Gilbert in 2005 and has been expanding ever since. May discusses why choosing Gilbert as her corporate headquarters was a great decision and what’s next for Wisdom Natural Brand products.

Celebrate Fix a Leak Week


The Town of Gilbert has officially declared March 17 through March 23, 2014 Fix a Leak Week.  So, what can you do to save water (and money)?  By fixing leaks of course!

Did you know that leaks can account for up to 14% of all water use?  To be efficient with water use in your home, watch for these five common leaks:

  1. Toilet- A leaky toilet can silently waste thousands of gallons a month (we’ve seen it when we visit people’s homes through our residential audit program).
  2. Pool- Keep an eye on your automatic pool fill valve and the water level in your pool.
  3. Sprinklers- Look for “geysers” when your system runs, but don’t forget about the less obvious leaks, such as stuck on valves.
  4. Drip irrigation- A great water conservation tool… only if it’s not leaking! Watch for blown off emitters and cut tubing.
  5. Faucets and showerheads- A dripping faucet can easily waste 350 gallons of water in a month.

You know about the national EnergyStar program which labels energy-efficient appliances, but did you know there is also a national program for water-efficient products?  WaterSense labeled devices and products make it easy to save water.

Cap off the week by joining us for a scenic run along the New River in Peoria at the One for Water 4-Miler and family festival on Saturday, March 22.

Got a water conservation question? Visit out our website or give us a call on our informational hotline at (480) 503-6098.

On the Job: Gilbert Traffic Operations

For this month’s On the Job video, Gilbert Digital goes behind-the-scenes at the Gilbert Traffic Operations Center. The Traffic Operations Center monitors Gilbert’s 180 traffic signals. The staff communicates with the traffic signals remotely, and makes adjustments to help Gilbert’s residents avoid traffic delays. The dedicated staff of the Traffic Operations Center monitors signals to keep drivers safe and on time.

For more information visit Gilbert Traffic Operations.

Conservation Education: Where’s our Water

“Where’s our Water” is a 4th grade educational program run by the Town of Gilbert Water Conservation division. This program aligns with the Grade 4 Science Standard, Strands 2, 3, 4, and 6 for science education in Arizona. The 50 minute presentation integrates a lesson on the water cycle with a student-run scientific experiment to calculate water wasted from a leaking faucet.  As a group, the class calculates the amount of water wasted from the simulated leaking faucet experiment.  Students walk away wide-eyed when they see just how much water can be wasted from one leaking faucet!

To emphasize the importance of water in our lives, the Town of Gilbert offers this free education program for 4th grade classes in public, private, and charter schools within the Town (and sometimes outside of the Town, for instance in the Gilbert Public Schools).   We ask students what behavioral changes they could make to save water and they often suggest taking shorter showers, turning off the water while brushing their teeth, and watching the use of the garden hose outdoors.  They always have great ideas on how to conserve this precious resource. Also, because this activity incorporates math and science, students walk away with a better understanding of how these subjects apply to real life.

To schedule your 4th grade program, contact Haley Paul at haley.paul@gilbertaz.gov.


Meet Gilbert’s Native American Management Interns

Laura MedinaLaura LaBonte Medina
It is a great honor to be a part of this beautiful town. Gilbert has raised my standards of the type of community I would love to raise a family. By allowing the Native American management internship, Gilbert provides real experience into the sectors that mean most to a student wanting to work in native nation governments. My name is Laura LaBonte Medina and am enrolled in the Grand Traverse Band of the Ottawa and Chippewa Indians, born in New Mexico, and raised on the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation. I have two Bachelor of Science degrees in Sociology and American Indian Studies from ASU. I currently  am  a  second  year  master’s student and apart of the first cohort in the American Indian Studies program at ASU. My concentration is tribal leadership and governance, which is why I am so excited to be working with the intergovernmental department and budget. Thank you Miigwetch for allowing me to participate in the Town of Gilbert.

photo.JPGCole St. Arnold
Cole St. Arnold is a master of public administration student at Arizona State University, specializing in nonprofit administration.  He is in in final semester at ASU and is hoping to continue working in resource development for organizations focusing on American Indian needs.  Prior to working for the Town of Gilbert, Cole worked for the YMCA, the American Indian College Fund, and Make-A-Wish America. Cole is an enrolled member of the Jicarilla Apache Nation located in northern New Mexico. He is originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico and has his Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  Cole is seeking to learn more about the roles that policy analysis and administration plays in coordinating a variety of departments.  Additionally, he is hoping  to build his leadership skills by contributing to the executive and managerial decision making process.  He enjoys hiking, mountain biking, Ultimate Frisbee, and spending time with his fiancée, Catherine, and corgi, Finn. Cole is excited to be a part of the Town of Gilbert team and hopes to provide a positive impact not just for himself but future interns in the Native American Management internship.

Saint Xavier University Dedicates Future Gilbert Campus

Gilbert is one step closer to having its first college campus, after leaders from the Diocese of Phoenix and Saint Xavier University (SXU) dedicated their future site with a blessing Wednesday.
The Most Rev. Thomas J. Olmsted provided the opening prayer and blessing for the area that will become SXU’s 87,000- square-foot satellite campus in the Heritage District.

“This partnership between a thriving town and a distinguished Catholic University holds great promise for the future,” said Bishop Olmsted.

SXU President Christine Wiseman, J.D. was also present to support the important partnership between the town and the university.

“We hope you will wear our colors of scarlet and grey proudly,” She said. “Welcome to the Saint Xavier University community.”

Wiseman also gave credit to Town of Gilbert leaders and the Economic Development Department for their efforts to secure the partnership and make the process as smooth as possible.

“The leadership of the Town of Gilbert really represents the community that is here,” she said. “This community is as welcoming to us as the leadership has been.”

The ceremony closed with the presentation of a new street sign for Saint Xavier Way. Classes in the new satellite campus could begin as early as Spring 2015.


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